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 Appointment Types - The Natural Path Clinic

Initial Visit

The initial visit includes a comprehensive look at your medical history, vitamin and mineral testing and a personalized treatment plan. A focused physical exam and suggestions for lab work may also be added if indicated.


Duration: 60 Minutes

Follow up

This visit is to discuss your treatment plan, re-test vitamins and minerals, review your progress, review labs, and answer any questions you may have.


Duration: 30 Minutes

Extended Follow Up

This is a longer visit if you need more time to discuss your treatment plan, review your progress, review labs, and answer any questions you may have or do additional testing.
*Patients who have not had an appointment in more than a year should book an extended follow up to re-test all vitamins and minerals and to have more time to review your current health concerns.


Duration: 60 Minutes

Annual Checkup Exam

Your annual check-up includes a health consult to discuss your health concerns, plus re-checking all vitamin and mineral levels. Being proactive with your health is the best way to prevent chronic disease and pain, and investigate troubling symptoms!


Duration: 30 Minutes

Full Physical Exam

A comprehensive physical exam includes taking your vitals (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature), head, eyes, ears, nose and throat exams, a heart exam, lung exam, abdominal exam, and neurological exam.


Duration: 45 Minutes

Wellness Women's Exam

The women’s wellness exam includes a PAP smear, breast exam, and answers to any of your female health questions. We are trained to do PAP and breast exams using an innovative method, resulting in an exam where the comfort of the women is of primary concern.


Duration: 45 Minutes

Laser therapy

The initial appointment is 30 minutes long ($50) to discuss your concern and includes 15 minutes of treatment on one area. Follow up appointments are 15 minutes long and $50 unless a package of 6 is purchased ($270). Most people need at least 6 sessions to see an improvement in symptoms. In our experience, booking 3 follow ups at once (45 mins, $150) increase the speed of recovery, vs booking 3 individual weekly appointments.


Duration: Initial-30 minutes;
Follow up-15 Minutes


Many extended health plans (EHPs) offer coverage for naturopathic doctors. For more information on what your specific plan covers, contact your employer.
Naturopathic consults, testing, and therapies are fully covered if you have a Health Spending Account (HSA), but are not currently covered by MSP (Medical Services Plan of BC) unless you have Premium Assistance Status.

Duration: n/a