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Persimmon Watercress Salad Recipe - The Natural Path, Rossland, BC

Persimmon Watercress Salad

A great fall/winter salad to make when Persimmons are in season. Serve as a side dish or as a meal with some baked; or grilled,  organic salmon, chicken, or lamb!

Servings: Serves 2-4 (depending on desired portion size)


1 Bunch organic watercress

2 Organic Persimmons (Fuyu) note: if using Hachiya decrease to one and make sure they are ripe (organic if possible)

2 Tbsp toasted organic sesame seed oil

3 tsp grated organic ginger (use microplane for best result)

1 tsp organic rice vinegar

Organic mirin to taste (can substitute honey)

Pinch of salt (to taste)

Note: Non-organic mirin is mostly high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and does little to improve overall depth of flavour beyond boosting the sweetness of a dish. Mirin made in the traditional style will provide a richer, deeper flavour as well as being better for your overall health! Luckily Ferraro’s carries such a product in the asian section next to the meat section.


Prepare watercress: Wash and chop bunch into 1-inch sections (the stem is edible)

Prepare the persimmons: with a paring knife, remove the green stem from the top (the same way you would coring a tomato). After this, slice into wedges.  If smaller pieces are desired, cut wedges again in half horizontally.

Toss watercress and persimmons together, add sesame oil, grated ginger, rice vinegar, and organic mirin. Mix thoroughly and add salt until the desired level of seasoning is reached. Serve in small white bowls. Can be served with seared fish, grilled chicken, or on its own!

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