We offer a variety of treatments custom tailored to your needs to help your body heal in the best way for you.

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 Naturopathic Treatments - The Natural Path Clinic, Rossland BC

Dr. Chay is trained and licensed to prescribe a range of pharmaceutical drugs. Some common examples of pharmaceuticals often prescribed by Naturopathic Physicians are Bioidentical hormones and thyroid medications. As with MDs, the prescription is written by Dr. Chay and must be taken to your local pharmacy to be filled.

Naturopathic physicians use both conventional and naturopathic labs to assess your health and determine the best treatment for your concerns. Dr. Chay can write requisitions for blood tests with Life Labs, IgG food testing, hormone testing, heavy metal testing, Organic Acid Testing, among others.

Laser therapy is a cutting-edge, painless, fast, and effective tool for pain relief and accelerated healing. The Theralase machine stimulates mitochondria in our cells to produce energy and facilitate the repair of muscles and ligaments. Theralase treatments are an excellent option for any muscle, ligament, and joint problems.

We often see incredible health benefits from simple lifestyle changes. We have seen autoimmune joint pain clear up after decreasing refined sugar; chronic acid reflux end with the elimination of gluten and altered liquid intake, tenosynovitis (trigger finger) resolve after removing food intolerances, among many other success stories. Dr. Chay will help you create a nutrition plan that is effective and attainable.

Quick and easy injections that increase energy, assist in your body's breakdown of fat, decrease stress, and maximize your vitamin levels.

Herbal medicine forms the backbone of many pharmaceuticals we are familiar with today (for example, Aspirin was created from extracts of willow bark). Herbal medicine uses plants or plant extracts that may be taken orally by capsule, tincture, or tea. Naturopathic doctors are trained extensively in herbal treatments and the interactions between pharmaceutical drugs and herbal remedies.

For thousands of years, acupuncture has been practiced with significant benefit. Dr. Chay has used acupuncture successfully for pain management, interstitial cystitis, headache management, and pregnancy-related conditions. Please see our Treatments Explained article for more information.

IV therapy delivers more nutrients to your body than possible with diet or supplements alone. Every treatment is modified to suit each person’s unique needs and can be used to increase energy, help combat colds and flus, malabsorption disorders (IBS), high blood pressure, asthma, migraines, and in high doses for cancer therapy.

*A complete medical history and some lab tests are mandatory before starting IV therapy for maximum benefit and to ensure it is appropriate and safe for you

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